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Vancouver, BC City Review

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September 19, 2010

In the summer of '08 my family and I spent about 7 days in Vancouver, BC. I had never been there before and was more than pleased with my visit. We found endless amounts of activities you could do with the whole family, and for cheap too! We were fortunate enough to be able to stay at the University of British Colombia, who rents out rooms during the summer when the students are away. It was more than accommodating, and very close to the city.

On our first day in Vancouver we went down to the harbour and took a sailboat tour around the bay. The tour was around an hour long and was very relaxing and fun. We got to see all of the city of Vancouver from the harbour, it was quite a view! The boat took us back to Granville Island where we ate lunch and looked around the market. Granville was one of my favorite places in Vancouver, it was like a cozy town within the big city. With plenty of restaurants and entertainment Granville Island could keep you interested for days, just check out the international market there and catch dinner and a show at the Waterfront Theatre.

Vancouver has a certain aura about it, people are always having fun. Not to mention, the city is absolutely beautiful! Driving down the street you see plenty of people out walking their dogs, or playing beach volleyball or even catch a gang of rollerbladers heading down the street. It's a very active city which makes you want to become involved in everything.

One day my family and I headed down to the beach to catch some sun. We had no intention of joining one of the many volleyball games that was going on, but that's what we ended up doing. The fun that people were having was just so inviting and the people even more so. Weekly volleyball tournaments occur all throughout the summer as the locals get as much sun as they can before winter comes calling.

The best thing about Vancouver is it has the best of both worlds. The ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. I've previously lived in Orlando and Denver so I thought this city had the perfect combination of my favorite landscapes. On a mini 2 day trip we drove from Vancouver to the coast and hopped a ferry over to the elegant town of Victoria. Victoria was kind of the opposite of Vancouver, very small town feeling with no tall buildings and more tea shops than pubs, but equally beautiful. Lots of the Vancouver locals come to Victoria for the weekend, it was a very relaxing get away from the hectic life of living in the city, which was maybe the only thing I found distracting about being in Vancouver, no one ever relaxed! But they sure do know how to have a good time.

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Vancouver Demographics

Vancouver Population
MetricVancouverBritish Columbia
Population 20062,117,0004,511,000
Population density6904
Land area (square km)2,878926,492
Median age of the population37.438.4
Population 15 years and over82.6%81.9%
Population change (2001 to 2006)6.6%15.4%
Vancouver Marital Status
MetricVancouverBritish Columbia
Vancouver Languages & Place of Residence
MetricVancouverBritish Columbia
English only60%73%
French only1%1%
Both English and French1%1%
Canadian-born population61%73%
Foreign-born population38%26%
Non-permanent residents1%1%
Vancouver Education
MetricVancouverBritish Columbia
Population 15 years and over in school full time12%11%
Age group 15-19 attending full time6%6%
Age group 20-24 attending full time4%3%
Population 15 years and over in school part time7%6%
Age group 15-19 attending part time1%1%
Age group 20-24 attending part time1%1%
Vancouver Earnings & Household Income
MetricVancouverBritish Columbia
Average earnings, all persons (2010 est.)$45,909$42,584
Average earnings, worked full time (2010 est.)$63,188$59,814
Average household income (2010 est.)$79,415$73,841
Vancouver Transportation
MetricVancouverBritish Columbia
Car, truck, van, as driver72%75%
Car, truck, van, as passenger7%7%
Public transit11%7%
Walked or bicycled8%9%
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