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Toronto, ON City Review

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September 16, 2010

My husband travels a lot for his job. Rather than spend weeks home alone, I generally go with him, and we make a mini-vacation out of it. We just returned home from a fabulous trip to Toronto, Ontario. I'll be the first to admit there is no shortage of things to do in Canada's largest city!

My husband was working on our first full day in Toronto, so I took the streetcar (which was fun in itself!) to St. Lawrence Market. I love shopping at local markets, and St. Lawrence was like none I had ever been to before. It's housed in a large two story brick building with a HUGE array of different vendors. There were gourmet meat and deli, fish, cheese, and produce shops as well as a decent selection of organic health food. Apparently on Saturdays there is even a local farmers market right across the street, but I was there on a Tuesday, so I can only assume it is just as fun as the rest of the market. My absolute favorite part of the market was a shop called "Honey World." I sampled dozens of different kinds of honey, like spiced honey, New Zealand honey, and my new favorite, lavender honey. There is also a pub in the first floor of the market that serves drinks and typical pub food.

The next day in the city of Toronto my husband did not have to work, so he chose the itinerary for the day. First we toured the CN Tower. The glass floor (113 stories up, mind you) is enough to make anybody feel a little weak in the knees! Next we made our way to the Steam Whistle Brewery. We took a tour of the brewery, which is located in a very interesting building called The Roundhouse. Of course we sampled the delicious beer, and left with a 12 pack too.

I was on my own again for the last day in Toronto, so I went to Honest Ed's. I don't even know how to describe this place! The sign for the store is lit by an overwhelming 23,000 light bulbs. When I walked in, I was bombarded by STUFF. They have everything one could possibly want, and some of the prices can't be beat- including designer items. However they do have some pricier items that appear to be antiques. It was fun, but I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of effort it took just to look at everything. After leaving Honest Ed's I stopped at a local coffee house to sit and relax with a cup of coffee and a pastry for a while before meandering through the city until heading back to the hotel.

That evening, my husband and I dined at Lee Restaurant. It is a Thai restaurant belonging to the famous Susar Lee. It was delicious, but of course expensive. There was so much that I'd hoped to do in Toronto, but didn't have a chance to. I certainly hope we'll be back again!

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Toronto Demographics

Toronto Population
Population 20065,113,00013,167,000
Population density79313
Land area (square km)5,902917,000
Median age of the population36.237.2
Population 15 years and over80.4%80.4%
Population change (2001 to 2006)9.2%15.4%
Toronto Marital Status
Toronto Languages & Place of Residence
English only58%71%
French only1%4%
Both English and French1%1%
Canadian-born population55%72%
Foreign-born population44%27%
Non-permanent residents1%1%
Toronto Education
Population 15 years and over in school full time12%12%
Age group 15-19 attending full time6%6%
Age group 20-24 attending full time4%3%
Population 15 years and over in school part time5%5%
Age group 15-19 attending part time1%1%
Age group 20-24 attending part time1%1%
Toronto Earnings & Household Income
Average earnings, all persons (2010 est.)$51,107$47,500
Average earnings, worked full time (2010 est.)$65,001$63,854
Average household income (2010 est.)$83,509$78,123
Toronto Transportation
Car, truck, van, as driver65%73%
Car, truck, van, as passenger6%7%
Public transit22%12%
Walked or bicycled5%7%
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