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Mississauga, ON City Review

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An contributor
September 17, 2010

After my husband received an incredible job offer from a technology company based in Mississauga, Ontario we made the difficult decision to relocate our family from the States. With two young children, one of my primary concerns was finding a family friendly city with great schools, and I've been nothing but impressed since we moved here six months ago.

Upon arrival in Mississauga, we immediately joined the MNC (Mississauga Newcomers Club). This club proved invaluable to us during our transition. We were able to meet and bond with others in the area, and were exposed to all of the great things our new city had to offer that we otherwise might not have known about.

Whether you're interested in public or private school for your children, you will be awed by what Mississauga has to offer. The school that my boys go to (ages 6 and 8) is absolutely fantastic! They love their teachers, and the curriculum being taught is more challenging than that taught at our previous school. Still, the teachers are dedicated to ensure that each and every student excels. I am a stay at home mom who strives to be involved in school activities and parent organizations, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at my sons' school.

Homes in Mississauga are beautiful and well cared for. I love our neighborhood, and the fact that we are located very close to a huge state of the art fitness facility. The people in our neighborhood are warm and welcoming; we felt at home right away.

My husband and two boys were thrilled to find that Mississauga is home to some of the best salmon fishing in North America. Although I'm not much for catching the fish, there is nothing more delicious than a freshly prepared salmon caught straight from Port Credit.

There are many family oriented activities here in the city of Mississauga. We love going to the local park and playing baseball with the kids, or heading to the swimming pool in the warmer months. Although my sons didn't know much about hockey prior to moving, with access to a whopping 21 ice skating arenas and a slew of friends who are hockey fans, my sons are anxious to join the hockey team this year.

I enjoy shopping at Square One, an enormous shopping centre that is actually one of Ontario's largest. My children can't get enough of the Playdium, which is, in essence a cross between a huge playground and an arcade. The massive 11 acre Playdium is complete with video games, batting cages, and go karts.

Mississauga has proved a wonderful home for my family, and we are finding more things to love about it each day. Of course, nowhere is perfect. We are further from our family in the states than I'd like to be. And when it gets cold in Canada, it gets COLD! But nonetheless, we are grateful everyday for the job opportunity my husband was blessed with that brought us to our new home.

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Mississauga Demographics

Mississauga Population
Population 2006698,00013,167,000
Population density28813
Land area (square km)2,125917,000
Median age of the population35.037.2
Population 15 years and over78.7%80.4%
Population change (2001 to 2006)13.8%15.4%
Mississauga Marital Status
Mississauga Languages & Place of Residence
English only55%71%
French only1%4%
Both English and French1%1%
Canadian-born population51%72%
Foreign-born population4827%
Non-permanent residents1%1%
Mississauga Education
Population 15 years and over in school full time13%12%
Age group 15-19 attending full time7%6%
Age group 20-24 attending full time4%3%
Population 15 years and over in school part time6%5%
Age group 15-19 attending part time1%1%
Age group 20-24 attending part time1%1%
Mississauga Earnings & Household Income
Average earnings, all persons (2010 est.)$50,240$47,500
Average earnings, worked full time (2010 est.)$65,869$63,854
Average household income (2010 est.)$80,844$78,123
Mississauga Transportation
Car, truck, van, as driver75%73%
Car, truck, van, as passenger7%7%
Public transit15%12%
Walked or bicycled3%7%
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