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Edmonton, AB City Review

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An contributor
September 17, 2010

Having traveled for years to different vacation spots throughout North America, the only place I could think of during our summer vacation this year was Edmonton, AB. My last trip to Edmonton that lasted for a week was with my parents who were visiting their family friends. After explaining the fabulous experience I had during those times, my kids insisted on visiting Edmonton again.

Edmonton is truly a mix of just about everything. Most city dwellers here are family oriented, and the life here is perfectly suited for people of different race, age and religion. Being the capital of Alberta, Edmonton is interesting in its own way and affordable for short term visitors like me. As much as the city is a bustling modern one, the area just outside Edmonton gives you the feeling of being untouched by the latest technologies and modernism. The roads and signs were easy to navigate and the streets looked like they were contracted out to the best cleaners. We checked into a 4 star hotel, the room was a bit small as expected but had all the amenities, compact and cozy. Wandering into the area around, the nearest Korean restaurant called BulGoGi caught our attention. The place has a relaxed ambience, the tables were at low levels and neatly arranged to add that Korean touch to it. The crispy dumpling was authentic, perfect and not too spicy. The hotel that we stayed in had a beautiful view of a nearby golf resort making us lazy to get out of the room. After ordering the oriental breakfast the next morning we went on a road trip to Bearclaw Gallery. I am not a big fan of arts and stuffs but this gallery had some jaw-dropping artworks from famous artists such as Alex Janvier, Daphne Odjig, Jim Logan, Jane Ash Poitras and many others. Jade carvings, Navajo and North West Coast jewelry and crafts from various corners of the globe were equally stunning.

During our stay in Edmonton, it was quite a delight to visit the Royal Alberta Museum, Telus World of Science, Alberta Aviation Museum the following days of our stay and not to mention Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village was the greatest experience I ever had in my life. My wife wanted to buy some cosmetics so we decided on South Edmonton Common mall, North America's largest open air retail development. If you like shopping, even a little, just walk around the mall, a great place to spend that extra time. Amazing journey, I wanted to make the most of it by peeking into nightlife and had to convince my kids that the weather wasn't right for them. The city including downtown has outgrown to become more sophisticated but some corners have retained the old charm with pubs, lounges,assortment of petty shops, auto shops etc and couple of furniture shops lined at the other end of the street. All in all, Edmonton is highly recommended and I look forward to returning again.

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Edmonton Demographics

Edmonton Population
Population 20061,035,0003,724,000
Population density1004.6
Land area (square km)9,418639,987
Median age of the population35.435.0
Population 15 years and over80.2%79.2%
Population change (2001 to 2006)10.3%25.2%
Edmonton Marital Status
Edmonton Languages & Place of Residence
English only78%81%
French only2%2%
Both English and French1%1%
Canadian-born population82%85%
Foreign-born population1715%
Non-permanent residents1%1%
Edmonton Education
Population 15 years and over in school full time13%11%
Age group 15-19 attending full time6%6%
Age group 20-24 attending full time4%3%
Population 15 years and over in school part time5%5%
Age group 15-19 attending part time1%1%
Age group 20-24 attending part time1%1%
Edmonton Earnings & Household Income
Average earnings, all persons (2010 est.)$43,199$44,014
Average earnings, worked full time (2010 est.)$58,678$59,576
Average household income (2010 est.)$92,258$95,545
Edmonton Transportation
Car, truck, van, as driver78%76%
Car, truck, van, as passenger7%7%
Public transit9%8%
Walked or bicycled6%8%
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